Getting Started

Part of starting any home project is understanding what your options are...what is "state of the art".

This website and links contained within it is our effort to becoming that trusted resource

Once you have selected Wired4 as your Integrator, each project is broken into four phases;
Defining the Project Scope, Pre-Wire, Finish Work and Ongoing Support.

Scope Definition

At Wired4, we always like to start with a homeowner demo/discussion where we talk about all the different options and technologies. We provide live product demos of all the latest features in Home Automation.

Once you understand what is possible, we work closely with you to tailor a specific proposal to meet your wants, needs, and budget.



During the Wiring phase, Wired4 runs or "pulls" all of the physical wires needed per the scope of the proposal. The home is usually full framed at this point, so any recommendations for moves/adds/changes are discussed with the homeowner during an in-person walk through if possible..

As there is no better and less expensive time to add wiring to your home than during construction before the sheetrock goes up, Wired4 leverages all of our past experience to provide as much future-proofing as possible.


Finish Install

Once the walls are painted, the cabinets and countertops are installed and the electrician has permanent power in the home, that's when the Low Voltage/AV Finish Work starts.


Ongoing Support

Once the installation of your system is complete and the initial training has been performed, Wired4 is always available to assist as needed.

Each new home project includes 1 year of Premium 24/7 support. After that period, Wired4 offers formal Service Plans to meet your specific needs and requirements.



Follow the links below to understand some of the Best Practices and Recommendations we follow when building a Smart Home

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