Homebook is a Home Management solution currently under development that consolidates all of your homes data into one place. From full inventory management for the products and systems in your home to alerts and notifications for everyday activities, Homebook helps to simplify the complexity and improve the "intelligence" of today's Smart Home.

By tapping into the wealth of data available from the disparate systems within the Smart Home; the network equipment, the surveillance and alarm systems and the home control system, Homebook works to classify all activity within the home into four categories; known vs. unknown and expected vs. unexpected. This classification method helps to improve security while at the same time it reduces the "noise" generated by the different systems and filters the events logically into condolidated, easy-to-understand dashboards where the most critical events that require your attention are highlighted.

Interested in a demo? Please contact us today and schedule a demo to learn about Homebook and how it can help simplify the management of your home, while adding more intelligence and security to your access control, triggers, scenes and notifications.


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