Savant Elite Ambassador

As a Savant Elite Ambassador, the team at Wired4 has been identified as one of the best Savant Integrators in Utah, providing top technology products and services across residential applications. Ambassadors are known to consistently execute as top dealers among all Savant Integrators, with proven experience across all of their product categories.


Whether you are planning to build your dream home or working on a major remodel of your existing home, Wired4's experience and quality makes us the right choice for all of your low voltage wiring needs. Using only premium copper-core wire with a well-planned and organized approach, complemented with unmatched levels of documentation, our team of professionals can tackle any job, regardless of size.


The network is a critical componemt in any Smart Home as it forms the backbone that enables seamless communication among various interconnected devices and systems. A reliable and efficient wired and wireless network infrastructure, installed by Wired4, ensures that smart devices such as thermostats, lights, shades, security cameras, garage door openers and appliances can communicate and share information in real-time, facilitating centralized control and automation.

Whole-Home Audio

Distributed audio systems offer significant advantages for homeowners, transforming the way you experience sound. With strategically placed speakers throughout different rooms or zones, these systems provide a seamless and immersive audio experience, allowing individuals to enjoy music or other audio content throughout the home, both inside and out, without the need for multiple devices. Users can easily control the audio distribution in multiple ways; select speakers and zones, choose content from their phones or internet streaming services, and adjust volume levels effortlessly.


Lighting Control is one of the most common Smart Home features and a feature that, once you have had it in your home, you cannot live without. From the ability to turn on and off lights from your phone and scene-based buttons and light switches that set all the lighting in the room just the way you want them, to automated schedules, timers and scenes that simplify your daily routines and save energy, Lighting Control enhances today's modern lifestyles.


Having security cameras at your home offers many benefits; they provide deterrance and discourage potential intruders and burglars, with their presence alone significantly reducing the risk of criminal activity. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, cameras serve as invaluable tools for identifying and apprehending the perpetrators and providing crucial evidence for law enforcement and increase the chances of recovering stolen items. Security cameras also offer peace of mind by allowing homeowners to monitor their property remotely, enhancing overall safety and awareness. This is especially important for properties that aren't occupied full time.

Video Distribution

Distributed video systems bring a host of benefits to homeowners by allowing seamless sharing and control of video content across multiple screens or rooms. This technology enables users to watch the same video source on different displays or enjoy different content simultaneously in various areas of the house. Whether streaming a movie, watching the Big Game on Game-Day, playing video games, or being able to pull up surveillance cameras (regardless of what room you are in), distributed video systems provide flexibility and convenience that otherwise isn't available on today's smart TVs.

Energy Management

Savant Power Systems deliver the ultimate solution for smart energy management. Monitor production and usage trends, control circuits at the distribution panel, and manage solar, battery, or generator backup sources all via the award winning Savant App. The systems scale to meet the needs of any site from single family homes to large installations. Offset peak utility rates, keep stored power flowing to where it's needed during grid outages, and optimize overall energy usage - contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

Climate Control

Smart thermostats offer several benefits for your home, combining convenience, energy efficiency, and cost savings. Savant Thermostats enable users to remotely control and monitor their home's heating and cooling systems through the Savant Pro app, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing schedules. By setting personalized schedules and utilize features like geofencing, full Climate Control of your home helps optimize energy usage and reduces utility bills by efficiently managing heating and cooling cycles.


By seamlessly combining convenience, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, automated shades improve the enviroment of any home. With the ability to control shades remotely through smart devices or with pre-programmed schedules, automated shades provide homeowners with effortless management of natural light, privacy, and room ambiance. Automated shades contribute to energy savings by optimizing natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting and regulating temperature through insulation, keeping interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Other Services

Whether you need help setting up a home office or you don't know how to improve the WiFi performance in your man-cave...let Wired4's team of professionals help solve your Smart Home/Technology problems.


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