Scope of Work

Every one of our New Construction or Remodel Projects is an opportunity for Wired4 to help educate our clients on the cutting edge of what's possible within a Smart Home and then curate exactly the right solution to fit their needs, wants, and budgets. From wiring each home with industry best practices that ensure future opportunities to change and grow their system, to setting up a secure and reliable wired network that supports all of the Smart Home devices and guaranteed whole-home WiFi, Wired4 provides unmatched levels of documentation, information, feedback and support throughout the Pre-Wire, Finish Work and System Commissioning as for the full life of our customers through our Homebook product.

Golf Casita

Audio Zones - 14 | Speakers/Soundbars/Subwoofers - 32/1/4 | Lighting - 75 | Climate/Radiant - 2/0 | Cameras - 8 | TVs - 6 | Touchscreens - 6 | Remotes - 2 | Shades - 8 | WiFi - 2

This Scottsdale Golf Community Remodel enjoys whole home music with In-Ceiling Speakers and In-Wall Subwoofers for music you can both hear and feel, both inside and outside the home. With full Lighting, Climate & Shade Control, plus Surveillance Cameras covering the perimeter of the home, remote control and management of this snow bird property has never been easier!

Mountain Retreat

Audio Zones - 21 | Speakers/Soundbars/Subwoofers - 46/1/1 | Lighting - 121 | Climate/Radiant - 4/12 | Cameras - 11 | TVs - 6 | Touchscreens - 6 | Remotes - 1 | Shades - 6 | WiFi - 7

Located in the remote hills of the Wasatch Back, this elegant cabin is equipped with full Savant control of Lighting and Environmental systems, while the distributed audio throughout the interior and exterior of the home allows background music and hi-fidelity sound to become an integral part of the comfort and enjoyment embedded into every Family Memory created here.

Downtown Condo

Audio Zones - 3 | Speakers/Soundbars/Subwoofers - 1/3/1 | Lighting - 10 | Climate/Radiant - 1/0 | Cameras - 2 | TVs - 3 | Touchscreens - 1 | Remotes - 3 | Shades - 0 | WiFi - 1

With views of Downtown's most famous attractions, this contemporary condo remodel features a system design that solves for many of the challenges of living in Multi-Dwelling Units; strong WiFi that ensures a quality signal in spite of the dozens of neighboring antennas in adjacent spaces and directed audio from soundbars and box speakers that contain and direct the sound and limits audio spillover through walls, floors and ceilings.

Lake House

Audio Zones - 26 | Speakers/Soundbars/Subwoofers - 38/1/7 | Lighting - 125 | Climate/Radiant - 3/6 | Cameras - 15 | Door Locks - 6 | TVs - 7 | Touchscreens - 7 | Remotes - 7 | Shades - 50 | WiFi - 6

Nestled in the hills above Bear Lake, this spacious getaway residence features in-ceiling speakers and in-wall subwoofers throughout the home for the whole family's listening enjoyment. With Savant Video Distribution, the homeowners can view the 15 cameras on any TV, which is perfect for watching the kids swimming in the indoor pool, while they entertain guests or relax inside. Full Lighting, Climate, Shade and Door Lock Control provides year-round management and access control from their smartphone.

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If you would like to see more of Wired4's work, please visit our Intelligent Photo Gallery, complete with searchable tags and product highlights, that really help showcase the quaility of our work and our attention to detail as well as help to demonstrate, in another small way, just how we are Wired4, even our pretty pictures aren't just pretty pictures!


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