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At Wired4, we don't just plug in speakers or install TVs. While we do those things and do them well, our focus is on the technology installed within the home and making them work better together.

Presence - Knowing who is home and who isn't and then using that information to make your home control system smarter. With Wired4's customer integrations with a Core Brands, we are not only able to accurately determine a person's presence in the home, but we can also identify their general location within the home. Here's how:

  • Facial Recogniton - with today's camera technology and cloud-based computer vision capabilities Wired4 is able to use facial recognition technology to identify who a person as they pass by a camera on arrival or departure.
  • Devices - by maintaining a database of a person's devices (phones, tablets, wearables), Wired4 is able to accurately determine a person's presence and location within the home based on their network footprint.

Real-time Events and Data Consolidation - Utilizing the wealth of data available from the different systems within your home and consolidating it into one database provides numerous benefits:

  • Giving your home a "history" - Many systems do well with the "real-time" aspects of alerts and notifications but fail to store the data long term. As an example, most Alarm systems only maintain a 200 event "buffer" and the data are rarely available in a usable maintaining your home's data with Wired4's solution, you'll have the data you need, when you need it!

  • Pattern Recognition - Identifying patterns over time can only be done by maintaining historical data. Wired4's solution uses the Homebook database to better determine if an event is expected or unexpected as a means to make your home "smarter".

Intelligent Triggers - When you have accurate Presence information and you have consolidated Real-Time Event Data, the next evolution of the Smart Home it to make the Triggers you use to set scenes, turn things on and off, and send alerts a lot smarter and more secure! Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Almost everyone with a garage has a garage door opener in their car...but what do you do if your car is stolen? Does the criminal now have access to your home too? Not if your garage door is protected by Wired4's two-factor authentication solution!
  • Every homeowner that has a security camera can get alerts when motion is detected, but can those alerts trigger different actions based on if you are home vs. away (if they can even trigger any actions at all)? Can the trigger be different depending on who is home (i.e. kids home alone)? If you have Wired4's Homebook solution, you can!


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